Tony Coffey

VP of Business & Development

Job Description:

 As VP of B&D, I manage Business & Development for new client acquisition. On the operations side, I manage quality control, safety and OSHA compliance, training and scheduling for the field staff. In addition, I manage our current and projected manpower needs and handle hiring and training of new staff. I also manage projects as a PM and assist the estimating department in development of budgets and schedules for future projects.

Background & Experience:

I have 20 years of experience in the industry and education background in Construction Management and Accounting. I have completed hundreds of projects including building renovations and structural retrofits, and tenant improvement projects ranging from medical spaces, office use, schools and banks.

How do you help TIS stay true to its mission:

To ensure a successful project, we keep constant communication between all departments on a daily basis. Our directors, VP’s, and CEO stay involved with every project and provide constant support to tackle every challenge as a team.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I enjoy the interaction with the client and the opportunity to partner with them and their teams. I like to be the client’s go-to for all construction needs both large and small. Whatever my role in the project, I stay involved from start to finish to ensure TIS standards are met. My favorite part of my job is building relationships with clients.

How long have you been with TIS?

3 years

What are your best skillsets that you bring to your job?

Communication and work ethic. I take ownership of my work and have pride in the result. I have an ability to lead people and use resources which are key to building productive and efficient teams.

List any professional goals, accomplishments, favorite projects you contributed to & why, etc.

From humble beginnings I am proud to have started as a laborer and over 20 years have worked up to an executive level. I have been a loyal employee having worked for only a few companies during that span. I appreciate the importance of every role in the company and every process of a project. My favorite projects are the ones I’ve learned the most from. 

DMV Granada Hills. I partnered with the property owner of strip mall to design and develop a submittal package to the Department of Motor Vehicles to consider as a potential site. To which was accepted as one of five locations being added in the state of California to support new ID legislation and the expected traffic demand. The location was the largest of it’s kind at 35,000sf and was completed first despite others starting earlier. The project included the renovation of the building and SMEP systems and buildout of space that employed 150 employees and served thousands of Southern Californians.