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TIS has a great vision for the future design of the Greater Los Angeles area. Working with well-known healthcare providers, TIS shows its continued success in building/renovating healthcare spaces. We continue to maintain our valued reputation by sharing our client’s desire for creating professional healthcare offices, while also having the convenience of being in the patient’s local areas. Our success in building Healthcare projects has won us awards from both the Los Angeles Business Journal Commercial Real Estate Awards and ENR California.


TIS understands the importance of having office spaces where employees can feel comfortable and energetic at the same time. Creating spaces that promote teamwork and communication is an important factor when TIS looks into an office project. We are able to create interactive and well-lit meeting rooms so that employees can communicate efficiently. We believe creating open, clean, and modern workspaces creates a very productive office.


Educational buildings are where students spend a majority of their day, which is why TIS believes creating safe environments for students to become educated is a very important task. Well-designed classrooms generate more attentive students. TIS has built educational buildings that include both safe and fun learning environments. We have created educational buildings from colleges to youth centers. TIS renovates and modernizes the perfect educational space for all educational purposes.


TIS has worked with high-end retail stores, such as Stefano Ricci and Serapian Milano. Creating the most magnificent spaces to match the branding of lavish retail items. Lighting and textures of the interior of the building are created to bring the aesthetic of the extravagant retail items to life. TIS excels in matching the luxurious aesthetic of the Greater Los Angeles Area.


TIS goes above and beyond with creating multi-family homes. Created large spaces with an “at home” feel with a clean, professional finish. The beauty of each building makes you never want to leave your home. Every room has its own individual high-end design. High-tech technologies complement the home as well. Each space is well furnished with everything a great home requires.