General Contracting

Competitive Bidding

Our superior methodology and unique qualifications internalize project needs to approach solutions that identify cost savings upfront. We bolster a history of achievement for unsurpassed quality, schedule management, and complete scope.


TIS offers a range of estimating options from early rough order of magnitude esimates to help in budget forecasting as well as fully definitive estimates.

Integrated Project Delivery

We believe streamlining the flow of documentation and communication results in faster delivery and lower costs. TIS’s cooperative and collaborative approach to design and construction allows for exciting innovation, enabling us to align interests, objectives, and practices toward a common goal.

Our process relies on the knowledge of all team members to maximize the project outcome. By fostering trust and building partnerships early in the process, we align the design vision and owner’s priorities within budget and scheduling requirements. We engage key subcontractors to provide additional expertise to assist in structural solutions and alternative materials.



Our expertise employed early on in the preconstruction process provides access to a talented team of designers, project managers, and estimators who are able to deliver the best value solutions. These solutions consist of scheduling scenarios, reducing risk, coordinating with local government, and identifying procurement of long lead time items and costs. 

TIS utilizes top industry software along with thorough constructability reviews to provide advanced budget forecasts which help keep the projects on budget from inception to completion.

Value Engineering

At TIS, value engineering is about investigating methods and materials to offer cost savings, faster completion, and reduced liability. We value a systematic and organized approach to achieving essential functions in a project at the lowest cost.

This process’s main focus is to bring an over budget construction project back within its budget. Not only cutting costs, but also giving careful consideration to all options with the project’s goal in mind. By focusing on maintaining quality, while also cutting costs, we save the client money, while also delivering their desired project.

Design Build

Design-build is a collaborative approach between the design and construction team throughout the project from start to completion. At TIS, our expertise and knowledge allows us to maximize the project outcome by evaluating existing conditions, construction deatils, and materials before design completion.

In our design build process, frequent collaboration and open communication allows us to push the envelope of possibility. The joint decision making between design and building teams yields a unified design, defined budget, and streamlined schedule.