Coleman Lindsay

Junior Estimator

Job Description:

TIS Estimator that compiles proposals by qualifying vendor pricing, puts together budgets for client use, creates scope of work drawings and qualifications to distribute to subcontractors to help communicate project intent, and update budgets as plans progress through the preconstruction phase.  I also participate in preconstruction meeting with the client and architect to track scope, budget changes, and provide options on how our budget can stay on track

Background & Experience:

I was hired as an intern at TIS for two summers while I was attending Northern Arizona University to pursue and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Minor in Business.  I graduated at the end of 2019 and have been working for TIS full time since the beginning of 2020

How do you help TIS stay true to its mission:

Constant communication with my coworkers and team members to help answer questions each other may have and figure out solutions from project to project

What is your favorite part about your job?

I am tasked with a different problem almost every day and I must figure out the best way to solve it and then convey my findings in comprehendible form

How long have you been with TIS?

1.5 years full time and 1.5 years part time/intern

What are your best skillsets that you bring to your job?

Problem solving, attention to detail, and efficiency

List any professional goals, accomplishments, favorite projects you contributed to & why, etc.

Professional goals: continue to progress through the estimator department and become a lead estimator

  • Accomplishments: have been promoted from project coordinator to junior estimator, to estimator within 1.5 years
  • Contributions:
    • The Aspen Institute Bayer and Boettcher Building
    • 6500 Wilshire 6th and 7th Floor
    • Honey