Aarika Simmons

Corperate CPA

Job Description:

Manages the company’s finances and is responsible for financial reporting. Planning, implementing, and running the financial activities of the company

Background & Experience:

I have a bachelors degree in Finance, a Masters in Accounting and I am a licensed CPA

How do you help TIS stay true to its mission:

I protect the assets of the company, track cash flow, and help with strategic planning

What is your favorite part about your job?

Financial reporting to our external partners, working with the VP and CEO on strategic issues

How long have you been with TIS?

13 years

What are your best skillsets that you bring to your job?

I’m extremely analytical and dependable

List any professional goals, accomplishments, favorite projects you contributed to & why, etc.

Getting my Masters in Accounting was hugely rewarding, I’ve brought a depth of financial knowledge to our company.