Julio Gomez

Senior Foreman

Job Description:

My job is to coordinate and schedule subcontractors from day one when we start demolition to the end of the project when we turn in a new and redesigned build up suite. I train my onsite coworker labors in different tasks and when needed I also put on my tools belt and get things done.

Background & Experience:

I graduated from high school on 2001. With TIS, I started as a construction labor, then I was trained and worked as an electrician from 2000 to 2006. Through all my years of working in construction, I have developed my knowledge in many trades that had helped me to do quality control inspections on ours subcontractors daily duties prior a city inspector visits us, for instance demolition, drywall, framing, taping, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in, painting flooring, etc.

How do you help TIS stay true to its mission:

All starts with keeping a clean and safe working site for workers and visitors, we have safety meetings where we discuss different topics,  we create a safety enjoyable working environment. The  goal is turn in a final product  where our client is sure that they always get what they paid for (if not more but never less) I make sure we keep this professional principles  every day

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part is, when we all as team turn in a product where the client is happy and anxious to move in, that is very satisfying and makes me forget all the many extra hours we put in and issues we faced to accomplished our goals.

How long have you been with TIS?

23 years

What are your best skillsets that you bring to your job?

I know the basics of every trade, when I comes to repair a wall, paint, frame, re route electrical plumbing, etc. I can do it with out any hesitation knowing that I will do it complying with any city or ADA code.

List any professional goals, accomplishments, favorite projects you contributed to & why, etc.

-8501 Wilshire Blvd building medical offices is the 1st project I worked as a construction foreman where I managed the construction of 3 floors at the same time.

-CSMC Urgent care – Playa Vista which was recognized on the local news.

-6500 Wilshire Blvd building, I have worked in every single floor of this building remodeling entire floors, different size of suites, (4) floors at once 1st through 4th FL more then 10,000 SF per floor

-11620 Wilshire Blvd CSMC West LA Urgent Care.

-I have worked at Resnick’s House in several projects same as 11444 Olympic Blvd. building property of the Resnick’s family where I have literally work in every floor, Teleflora, Pom Wonderful, 10th FL  Resnick’s management FL, etc.

-12555 Jefferson Blvd. Playa Vista, the entire landscape around the building, reworking main building entrance, elevator retrofitting, 2nd and 3rd floor and many other projects.

-Promenade Towers Apartments at 133 S. Figueroa LA, 2nd floor living apartments

And the list can keep going.