Derrick Meynardie


I’ve been in the construction Industry for about 17, 18 years now I started out doing residential windows stucco drywall for about 4 years then got into HVAC start out with an installer with them then became a foreman before leaving I was 9 years there then I got into refrigeration and air-conditioning we were contracted through Starbucks to you all at Starbucks AC refrigeration that’s where I met Farrel At the Anaheim office because the company I work for rented the ones next to it occasionally when I see him I will talk to him didn’t really know who he was then one day give me a business card so I can seem like a pretty cool kid I ever want to change what I’m doing give me a call and that’s how I got Tis started out here as a labor work my way up to foreman but I had a lot of help on the way Daniel Angel Mike Campos Michael Berry